Do you feel like conventional prenatal nutrition advice is lacking?

Surely, there’s more to it than just eating an extra 300 calories per day and popping a vitamin, as is commonly recommended?

While many refuse to acknowledge that minerals and proper nutrition can positively influence the outcome of pregnancy, research continues to show us that it can and does influence you and your child’s health for years to come. 

And what about certain pregnancy complications they claim are “unpreventable?”

How ironic it is, that when unexpected complications arise, we are told there is nothing we can do to help or prevent them from occurring (or prevent them from recurring) in a subsequent pregnancy.

The truth is, the medical community can’t give concrete answers or supportive measures for conditions such as preterm labor, preeclampsia, HELLP syndrome, gestational hypertension, gestational diabetes, low birth weight babies, IUGR, and more.

However, the research of several doctors from years prior, and an understanding of the profound impact of minerals upon pregnancy can point us to some possible answers, where the system claims there are none. 

As a practitioner who specializes in mineral balance, I like to take a proactive approach to prenatal nutrition. Because regardless of the way you give birth, or if any complications do arise, you will never regret taking time to tend to your prenatal nutrition. After all, it can powerfully influence your child’s health for years to come! 

But in order to do so, we have to understand the "big picture"- the physiology of pregnancy- to understand what steps we can take to support ourselves.

Introducing: The Minerals and Motherhood Prenatal Nutrition Course

In this course, ancestral knowledge of traditional foods is shared alongside the wisdom gleaned from the work of Dr. Tom Brewer, which runs parallel to the newly-emerging evidence for minerals, and their profound influence on pregnancy, postpartum, and fetal development.

Not only does this course educate on the physiology of pregnancy, giving you confidence in your journey, but it also gives you the practical tips you’ll need to apply this information!

This course includes a trove of information on the art and science of prenatal and postpartum nutrition, but most importantly, you’ll receive the practical tools you need to apply the information to your life!

Meet your Instructor

Margaret Barry is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Functional Blood Chemistry Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer, and a Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist. She specializes in women’s nutrition, mineral balance, and prenatal physiology. 

After my first pregnancy, I didn’t feel educated on the specifics of prenatal and postpartum nutrition. I knew the “basics,” or the most common pregnancy recommendations, but I felt like something was missing. I had a very stressful pregnancy and after my daughter was born, I experienced Postpartum depression.

My experiences led me on a journey to study the interactions minerals have upon pregnant women and their babies, as well as the research of Dr. Tom Brewer, who studied how nutrition profoundly influences pregnancy, the development of our baby, and our postpartum recovery.

I utilized the methods I now teach as part of this course for my second child. To my surprise, my pregnancy and postpartum were night and day different! I now saw firsthand the power that proper nutrition and mineral balance can have on a pregnancy.

And so, after using these methods in my own subsequent pregnancy and successfully leading clients through their own, I decided to take the plunge and create a course where the information is available for all! 

Module 1: Why prenatal nutrition? The profound impact of nutrition on fetal development and pregnancy outcomes

Learn the compelling research showing the positive impact that good prenatal nutrition can have upon you and your baby now, and for years to come!

Module 2: The importance of blood volume expansion for a healthy pregnancy

In this lesson, I break down the physiology of blood volume, how proper nutritional input allows for its expansion, and how failing to build adequate blood volume increase is connected to a myriad of pregnancy complications. We also dive deep into the physiology of blood pressure in pregnancy, and explore the research of Dr Tom Brewer.

Module 3: Exploring the Primary Principles of this Method

Here, you’ll learn the principles of this method and how each one supports your body and baby in pregnancy.  We discuss the importance of adequate caloric intake, the importance of protein, and new research surrounding the powerful role that micronutrients and minerals play. We also discuss the surprising truth about salt in pregnancy, and how it can profoundly benefit pregnant women and their changing physiology!

Module 4: Applying these Principles to your Pregnancy

Now it’s time to get practical! In this lesson, we go over all my best tips and tricks to seamlessly apply the principles of this method  to your pregnancy. I also include snack lists, my extensive list of all the best mineral and nutrient rich foods, example meal plans, a course cookbook, and more!

Module 5: Special Considerations

In this module, I include information and support for a wide range of topics, including blood sugar and pregnancy, morning sickness, exercise considerations, weight gain, anemia, twin pregnancy, swelling, and much more! There are detailed lessons with lots of information on preconception and postpartum nutritional considerations.

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"Why did you make this course?"

When I started looking into these topics, I realized there wasn’t a course format where all this information regarding traditional nutrition practices, the importance of mineral balance, and Dr Brewer’s findings was compiled together in a thorough, yet precise, manner.

In fact, I was surprised to see that there were no nutrition programs that took a deep dive into this particular research surrounding blood volume expansion, mineral balance, and osmotic pressure that had impacted me so profoundly, both personally and professionally.

However, I recognized that I am but one person, and I can only impact so many people in a 1:1 setting. And so, I started thinking about making a course, to fill this need, and help others learn all the information that I wish I’d known long before my first pregnancy. 

And that is how this course came to be!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this only for those currently pregnant or actively in the preconception time frame, or is it appropriate for anyone interested in learning about prenatal nutrition, or hoping to have children in the future?

It's for everyone! Learning about something before you are placed in the situation it can be so helpful. Especially when it comes to pregnancy- learning the physiology of prenatal nutrition and how to support yourself before you're "on the clock" can be very helpful! There are also several lessons devoted specifically to postpartum nutrition support, including testing and nutritional considerations for preconception.

I am a nutrition educator interested in learning about prenatal nutrition to support my clients, is this a good class for me? 

Yes! Absolutely. It is easy to get bogged down or overwhelmed when researching prenatal nutrition. This information is great for those who work in this field and want a fresh, thorough, and cohesive perspective on this topic!

Is this program self-paced?

Yes, it is entirely self-paced, and you can progress as fast as slow as you need!

How long do I have access to the materials?

You will have ongoing access after purchase! All the content is yours to keep.

Is this class suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

While the information and physiology in this course can apply to anyone, regardless of their dietary preferences, I do recommend some degree of animal products in pregnant women’s diets, for a variety of reasons that I clearly present in the course. If you are not at all open-minded or curious to hear an alternative view on this topic, my program may not be the right fit for you.

Does this course include information on prenatal exercise and common aches and pains?

Yes! We go over considerations for prenatal exercise as well as specific tips for back pain, sciatica, and more! You'll also receive an exclusive discount on my T-Tapp prenatal exercise program!

Bonuses Include:

(this is a partial list, there are more!)

29 videos with over 10 hours of content (value: $329)

Course Cookbook (value: $69)

Snacks List (value: $29)

Food Tracker and Checklist (value: $57)

Balancing Blood Sugar in Pregnancy (value: $28)

Minerals, Supplements, and Pantry Staples (value: $38)

Master list of Nutrient Dense Foods (value: $29)

Mineral Elixirs with Margaret ebook (value: $37)

Complete Guide to Protein (value: $37) 

How To Incorporate Nutrient Dense Foods (value: $37)

Helpful References: Books, Podcasts, Websites, and More (value: $29)

Total Value: $719

Course Price: $285

Preview the Course Outline!

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  Module 1: Why prenatal nutrition?
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  Module 2: The Importance of Blood Volume for a Healthy Pregnancy
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  Module 3: Exploring the Primary Principles of this Method
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  Module 4: Applying this Information in Pregnancy
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  Module 4: Nagivating Postpartum
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  Special Considerations
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In this course, you can expect to be:


What if we could feel ENERGIZED and VIBRANT in pregnancy, instead of depleted, and exhausted? I am here to tell you: it is possible. Knowledge is power, and when you understand the physiology of pregnancy, you will be able to navigate it with ease and confidence!


Having the right tools, resources, and practical applications of the information so that you’ll be able to apply the information to your life. Whether you are pregnant, postpartum, or in the preconception stage! 


I want to be your biggest cheerleader! My goal is to be an encouragement to you in your pursuit of good nutrition in pregnancy, whether this is your first baby or one of many! Despite what you may have heard, or what you have previously experienced, pregnancy doesn’t have to be a miserable experience. You can make a difference in your experience during pregnancy, and your baby’s future health!

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